Nicole says… what?

5 Dec

So, I know you’re probably thinking to yourself, “Who’s Nicole and why do I care what she says!?”

Those are two really good questions and I will be more than happy to answer them for you!

Who is Nicole: Well.. I’m no one really. I have no importance at this very moment to anyone really but two cats who depend on me to scoop their food into their dishes twice a day and clean their litter box when I have a few extra minutes in the morning. I moved to Boston about 2 years ago to discover the world as a new adult! And what have I discovered? Not a whole lot really..

I work one of those “9-5” office jobs for a great company. I live with one of my very good friends. Not a whole lot of excitement coming from me. This leads into your second question…

Why do I care what she says: You don’t and shouldn’t. No, really.. Don’t care about what I say because what I will say may be offensive and may hurt some feelings.. BUT DON’T LET IT! Because who am I really?

I always wanted to write a blog about something completely random – random reviews – random thoughts – random life experiences – random advice. Something SOMEONE could relate to. So please please please – ask me anything; review something, advice on something, opinion on something..ANYTHING. If you want to try something but not sure.. Maybe I’ll try it and let you know! Please note that this blog may not be considered G rated at times either.

nicole says: it’s the god’s honest truth.


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