How Social Media Ruins Relationships

30 Jul

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and whatever else is out there all seem to be the main cause in some form of relationship destruction. I for one am so tired of listening to people complain about how their significant other “liked” another person’s pictures, or favorited their tweet, or added someone on Facebook. Or, “why haven’t they responded to my text when I just saw them update their status!”. It’s driving me insane, to the point where I could just delete everything I own and forget it ever existed!…Well, that’s a huge, fat lie. I’d never do that. I’m too HIP to do that 🙂

How Social Media Destroys Relationships:

Well, as stated above. One significant other will dig so deep into the other’s accounts to find up some form of dirt on them. Or make up from crazy scenerio in their head that so-and-so is cheating because they liked someone’s instagram photo. I think there should be a new dating rule: Don’t add someone on social media until you’re about three months in to a steady relationship. Develop and maintain trust with them. Get to know them. Then stalk.

Also, don’t have all your friends go and add them too. And don’t let him/her add your friends. Sure you want them to get to know one another and be friends and have a great time together, la de da. Bad idea. Stay away from all forms of stalkery until you have secured a steady relationship. If you feel like there’s reasons you’re stalking their accounts or want your friends to –  then why are you with someone who you don’t trust?! My favorite is when they break-up but then keep tabs on them through their friend’s accounts. GET A GRIP!

Another favorite is the “You can update your status but you can’t text me back?” bomb. Maybe your text wasn’t worthy of a response. Maybe I don’t HAVE to answer your text but my status update on how my commute to work is so shitty is much more important so let me get that out of my way first! Then… when I am bored.. I will text you back and we can discuss whatever selfish issue you’re having. Deal?

I also really like when people use social media to get attention or affirmation about something. Someone who posts back to back “selfies”, quotes themselves, creates ridiculous statuses for people to like… Really? What are you missing in your real life that you need someone in webworld to comfort you with? We know the answer before you even say it – so keep it to yourself.

Last but not least, my biggest pet peeve: When a friend posts a status on how lousy their feeling or something somewhat sad.. before they reach out to you for comfort. Mostly something about their relationship.. Hi – I’m your friend – feel free to reach directly out to me. I know you wouldn’t ever really ask how I am or what’s going on with me, or really care about how I’ve been feeling.. But I care about you. Friends do that stuff. You know.. well – maybe not.



One Response to “How Social Media Ruins Relationships”

  1. funnyphilosopher July 30, 2013 at 8:58 pm #

    I’ve read every single one of your posts but never had the courage to Like or Comment until now.
    No, seriously, WordPress is my only involvement in social media, and that’s just for the furtherance of my pursuit of an agent.

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