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Well that was fun…

25 Aug

I guess I should update this baby on whatever progress I have made.

So last time I wrote about how nothing was motivating me to lose weight. Well, that changed! For maybe a few months… I joined the craze and ya know what? It effin’ worked! There’s nothing I love more than food besides MONEY! If you haven’t heard of this site it’s where you can join a bet with other dieters online for a set wage. You have one month (in this dietbet’s case) to lose 4% of your body weight. Any person who reaches that goal wins money from the pot! It sounds a bit sketchy, I get it, but there are many rules and ways to prevent cheating.

So I tried that for a couple months and lost 17lbs! In the morning I would do Jillian Micheal’s 30 Day Shred, which helped build muscle, and then after work I would run. My ultimate goal is to run a half marathon; I got up to 4 and some change miles. I did really well for a while – and then I went on vacation… Unfortunately I have gained about 8lbs of those back, and continue to shove pringles into my face. I must admit I feel so much better keeping off about 10lbs from March. My clothes are fitting better and my overall attitude is a bit better. I need to keep it up thought – I haven’t really exercised since May when I went on vacation and seeing pictures of myself makes me feel like I haven’t accomplished much.This hot weather is making me want to go running less and do less because I hate over-heating. (oh, I am full of excuses)

I’m considering doing another dietbet, which will put me back under 200lbs and help me get rid of this extra blahness that I feel. I’m just nervous that I won’t find the motivation this time like I did before. An ex-boyfriend of mine is currently in prison (shocking by my previous posts, right?!) and we’re talking a lot about getting back together – I’m trying to use that as some motivation so when he comes out I am not some slob; especially because he works out twice a day (since he has nothing else to do). I’m starting to look at these thinner girls and just think how much I’d be okay with looking like that. HAHA. You know what I mean – I feel like I would be so much more comfortable with myself.

Ugh, one day I will get motivated again and this blog will be bursting with joy and happiness! Until then.. wish me luck!


First Date Purgatory

9 Oct

Sorry –  I am boy/date/relationship crazy. Deal with it!

Are there rules for dating? Who wrote them! I need some insight with this whole dating game. Because – it is a game. I hate that it’s a game! Why can’t we just date, be who we are, say what we want! Nooooo, there has to be rules! And protocols! GAH!

So last week I tried OkCupid! for my online dating adventure for the month. (Judge me, IDC). This one guy messaged me and we had a good banter back and forth – I got a bit interested. He then asked “Are you ideally looking for something real?” to which I respond, “Ideally. Yes” Because nothing is ever IDEALLY. It’s always a HASSLE. Anyways – we exchange phone numbers and start to text. Which then turns into a phone call. Which then turns into “I like him!”. So far so good! He’s complimenting me. Saying how “beautiful” I am – yada yada. All I am thinking is “Meet me first then decide.”

Blah blah blah he asks me out for Sunday night. Which is fine since he’s busy with work all weekend. Sunday comes around and it’s so hard to get plans out of this guy! We meet up around 7PM and have, what I think, is a GREAT NIGHT! We talked and walked for hours, we laughed and goofed around. It was fun! He asked me what I was doing Friday night and how he wanted to see me again – so we made brief plans for Friday.

I really enjoyed this! Date ends, we go our separate ways. We text a bit until I get home (scared to walk home in the dark alone) and he’s saying how much fun he had and how beautiful I am and how much he likes me, yada yada, looking forward to Friday. SWOON! Then we text goodnight.

Holy am I smitten! Monday strolls along and I am cloud 9! He texts me in the morning a little then goes to work. I text him here and there.. nothing. I wait until nighttime and text again. Nothing. 9:40ish strolls around and I get a little conversation then.. nothing.

Tuesday comes – nothing in the morning. Usually I would get a “Hey Beautiful”. Nope! I text him around 10AM to say Hi with funny comment – nothing. 6PM comes around and “Hey Beautiful”. I wait a bit – make him sweat then 6:30PM “Hey you”.. nothing. I text again around 9 to say goodnight.. nothing.

It’s today… nothing so far.

Okay! So I know I sound like a crazy girl! WHAT DO MY TEXTS MEAN! DOES HE LIKE ME! I didn’t think this was normal? Not texting after a date but popping in to say Hi. I don’t even know what to make of this. I read blog after blog after blog and I guess it’s normal.. Is it? Normally I am almost rapid fire texting. I don’t mind him NOT talking to me – but I want to know he’s interested. Do I text him tonight if he doesn’t? How do  I find out he still wants to hang out on Friday?

I am basically not texting him at all unless he texts me and then acting nonchalantly.

I am so PARANOID! I can’t date. I’m going to have a heart-attack over this. Someone make me a male-manual.

I’m such a girl.

Here’s Louis with some insight: