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A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With One Donut

6 Mar

Seriously – why is finding motivation to exercise and lose weight and become a more healthier citizen in this healthy-crazed society so difficult!? It’s almost like my body is revolting, or my mind, against the man.

Nothing has been really motivating me much lately to drop the necessary weight – and I know what everyone is thinking, “Nicole, you’re already smoking hot!” – true! But hey, we can all drop a few 50lbs here and there right? I’m going to be honest with everyone. I am 5’4″ (adorable) and I haven’t been under 210lbs in over a year, before that never not under 200lbs since like 2012. My heaviest was 225lbs and I never want to see that number again – or get close. Maybe one day I will get the balls to post some pictures.  Today just isn’t that day!

I read blogs almost on a daily basis about others’ weight loss and success stories so maybe that’s what I need to do. Blog the shit out of it. It gets pretty tiring trying over and over or thinking about what COULD happen if I fit into regular clothing.  Hell maybe I’d get laid more. Or consistently laid. I don’t any more reasons to hold myself back from opportunities. So let’s try this route and if I stop blogging about this shit then you know I fell off the wagon – or forgot to blog – and I am quitter. Maybe I’ll go back to blogging about something else. Who knows. I guess we will see. However, I am going to the Bahamas in May – it would be nice to enjoy it in my own skin; unlike any vacation I’ve been on where I hated life because I felt everyone was judging me.

I am currently “training” for a 10K. I use the quotations because I am not signed up for one at the moment but I am working on C210K. Tomorrow is my next run and it will end Week 4. I also bought Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred through groupon – once that comes in I will begin that as well. I also do Weight Watchers 5 days a week (I fall off on weekends – gotta change that) and I own a fitbit. I have all the markings of  motivated person – without the motivations.

Any suggestions or motivational tips will be greatly appreciated.



Typical Holiday Travelers

15 Jan

Holiday traveling is probably the best part of the season – Wouldn’t you agree? Yeah, I don’t agree either.

This whole not having a car thing can be pretty shitty during the holidays and taking a bus back to New York is even shittier. Although, in my opinion, Greyhound bus lines do a great job here in Boston getting their passengers on express buses and on time! I never panic when I am the 100th person in line because I know there will be another bus following the one at the dock. DON’T PANIC PEOPLE! But all this traveling has made me come up with my favorite types of travelers! Yay!

Here is what I came up with: The Sick, The Phoner, The Socialite,  The Quiet One, The Lean Backer, The Two-Seater, The Snorer.

The Sick: Ugh. I hate this one. The people who are coughing, and sneezing and sniffling… You are grossing me out and I just cannot sit next to you, near you, or in ear shot of you. Don’t travel. Just..don’t!

The Phoner:  Quite possibly one of the most obnoxious travelers on board. Usually these people are so crazy loud on their phone so the whole bus has to hear their boring, pointless conversation. I also think it’s pretty interesting that these people tend to be older males. When I get a phone call – I ignore it then text the person back saying HEY I’M ON A BUS, DON’T CALL ME! It’s the polite thing to do…

The Socialite: Not to be confused with The Phoner – this person will chat it up with ANYONE on the bus. These are people I avoid – I’ll judge people in the line while we wait and then avoid them at all costs. Headphones do the trick or maybe a Netflix documentary on the deadliest gang in America (MS13, btw)… I don’t want to have 3 hours of small talk with anyone. The fact that small talk exists is bad enough. I also cannot stand listening to people talk; this should be a quiet, relaxing ride… Keep to yourself and everyone will be happy.

The Quiet One: MY FAVORITE! If you couldn’t guess. This is me. Don’t talk to anyone, don’t look at anyone. Just keep to yourself. Listen to your music and enjoy the ride.. Everyone should be this one! PLEASE BE THIS ONE?!?!

The Lean Backer: I hate you. Don’t lean back and take up my leg room… Ever. Just don’t. You don’t need to. And if you do, at least give a warning first so I can move my knees so you won’t crush them. Also, I am 5’4 and you are crushing my life here… How would you feel if someone leaned back on you? Think of others!

The Two-Seater: This is such my luck. You don’t even have to be that big and you still find a way to have your body pour into my area. And yes – POUR.  How about this.. Keep your legs clenched together like I do and no one uses the middle arm rest. Don’t put your feet near mine, or lean your head near mine. I paid for this seat and no you may not take it over.. I lean opposite of where you are sitting – please do the same. Next time I will bite you. SUE ME.

The Snorer: Last but not least – I should be annoyed mostly by you -but I am not. Don’t get me wrong I still hate your guts but at least you were quiet enough to fall asleep and you just happen to snore. You are still loud and still interfere with my quiet time so I dislike you, but I respect you. Wake up once in a while and you and me will be best friends 🙂

There you have it. My list of typical holiday travelers (in no particular order). These can vary – but overall they’re just branches of the ones above. Sometimes I feel if I take a train my life will be a lot happier – but do I want to take over 5 hours to get to some place that will only take me 3? Is it worth it? Three years in and I still haven’t figured it out… Safe travels, blogmites.